About Meddo

To Meddo, good installation, repair and maintenance work is all about employing people with the right practical and personal skills.

Considerate Working, Positive Communications, Guaranteed Quality..

What we do

We focus on repairing and improving domestic property. A repair could be as small as replacing a slipped roof tile but as big as a full house refurbishment following a devastating fire or flood; we've done them all and everything in between.

We understand that the way we do things is as important as what we do if we are going to impress you.

How we do it

We take the time to understand what you really want to achieve and whilst don't claim to be architects or designers our experience can often help our customers develop practical solution to their ideas.

If we can't design it, we know a man or woman who can! If you haven't chosen the manufacturer or designer yet for your new kitchen, bathroom, loft conversion or extension then we can offer you guidance and help in choosing the right one.

It is surprising how often we are asked to quote for installing a kitchen or a new bathroom and are offered a glossy drawing put together by a manufacturers salesman and find it doesn't work..... the dishwasher door won't fully open.... the through wall extractor vents into next door.... the sink is higher than the window cill.... the sink 'hangs' over the toilet so the seat cannot be raised.

We've experienced these and many more design errors but what we do is CHECK everything about a design before we start and provide help and guidance to you and your chosen manufacturer on practical solutions.

Our story

Founded in 2011 by a few small building companies coming together to jointly break the mould of traditional stereotypical local builders.

We wanted to create a branded building experience for private and commercial customers renowned for doing what is says and in a friendly and engaging way. Sticking to that philosophy has enabled us to grow across England from five locations all staffed by people who think and act in a similar way.

How we think

Meddo’s built on consideration for customers, guaranteed fitting, repair and maintenance work, and shared expertise.

It’s your property. We’re just visiting. So we do our best to keep the noise down, keep everything clean and safe, and keep to schedule.

Building work needs a guarantee. We’ll guarantee every job for two years. That covers big things going wrong and falling apart, but not general wear and tear.

It’s good to share. We’re made up of teams of expert tradespeople. Each is full of knowledge and happy to share tips about looking after a property. Tips are free.

Measure up

A trusted name in kitchens & bathrooms

We will always beat the manufacturers installation cost by at least 20% and offer a full guarantee on all of our work for 2 years.

A simple fixed cost for all you need to get your dream kitchen or bathroom fitted

What an amazing kitchen. The kitchen looks beautiful and just as I imagined. Thank you Karl and Simon
We are thrilled with our kitchen. I hope that these comments convey our appreciation for your wonderful work.
Our kitchen has become the heart of our refurbished home. It looks fantastic and it’s wonderfully efficient. Everything we need is to hand

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