Working in occupied property - the Meddo way.


To Meddo, good repair and maintenance work is all about employing people with the right practical and personal skills. Many others can do what we can do. But no-one does it like us.

Through energy conservation schemes and microgeneration, we’re helping the government reach its energy targets. Read more about reducing energy consumption at home and at work in our Energy Section

What we do

We repair and improve occupied property across the UK for homeowners, landlords, tenants and businesses. We work directly with property owners and partner with:

Loss adjusters and claims managers. Property owners contact intermediaries, who get in touch with us and ask us to carry out repairs for them.

Renewable energy companies. Through energy conservation schemes and microgeneration, we’re helping the government reach its energy targets. Read more about reducing energy consumption at home and at work in the box on the right.

Home improvement companies. When they need a team of skilled tradespeople to turn designs into dream homes and comfortable, professional offices.

Housing associations. These are usually quick, one-off repairs. They’re quality repairs – we just do them quickly. If we’re not doing repairs, we’re getting a home ready for a new tenant.

Estate agents. Buy-to-let landlords employ us to get their properties up to scratch before new tenants move in. We also carry out repairs, day or night.

Management companies. Blocks of flats often have management companies. We help them look after common areas of the building, like stairwells.

How we do it

Whichever team you work with across the UK, you’ll get the same Meddo experience. Here’s how we work:

  1. You get in touch with your local team, either directly or through one of our partners.
  2. The person you speak to will look after you and your job throughout your time working with us.
  3. They’ll arrange a good time for us to visit.
  4. We’ll visit and agree what needs doing and how to do it.
  5. We’ll send you a firm quote.
  6. We’ll do the work. And we’ll talk to you throughout, telling you what’s going on, when it’s happening and how it’s happening. If it’s not going as planned, we’ll say.
  7. One of our surveyors or managers will inspect the work when it’s finished and speak to you about how it went. If anything went wrong, we’ll want to know.

Then, what else can we help with?

Our story

Skilled tradespeople coming together from around the country to offer better property repair and improvement to customers. Here’s how it started:

During 2011, teams of tradespeople from across the country came together and created Meddo. They combined their skills, their experience and their approaches to property repair and improvement. Why? Because they saw together, as Meddo, they could help more people turn tired or damaged homes and premises into better properties.

They also saw an opportunity to transform repair and maintenance in the building industry. As Meddo, we’ve turned building on its head. The focus is on the relationship between our people, our partners and property owners. We put our time into looking after people, because we know we can trust our teams to look after the work.

If you’d like to know more about our story, get in touch.

How we think

Meddo’s built on consideration for customers, guaranteed repair and maintenance work, and shared expertise.

It’s your property. We’re just visiting. So we do our best to keep the noise down, keep everything clean and safe, and keep to schedule.

Building work needs a guarantee. We’ll guarantee every job for three years. That covers big things going wrong and falling apart, but not general wear and tear.

It’s good to share. We’re made up of teams of expert tradespeople. Each is full of knowledge and happy to share tips about looking after a property. Tips are free.

"I am very impressed with your service...especially the two men who took the ceiling down with no mess at all. Brilliant. Thanks."
J Wilkinson
The Meddo way